The Carillon of Gent

About Kenneth

Have you ever wondered who actually plays all those tunes, up there in the tower of the Belfry? Well, it's Kenneth Theunissen, the city carillonneur of Gent...

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Would you like to know what's coming up next? Find out in the calendar. Get the details for every special event...

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Kenneth often puts the carillon in a different creative perspective. Check out what you've missed so far and grasp the atmosphere...

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Over the past years, Kenneth has gathered a broad collection of memories. Take a walk through his gallery.

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The Instrument

What exactly is a carillon? How does a carillonneur play this musical instrument? Take the discovery tour.

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The Rotating Drum

During the day, the carillon plays a tune every 15 minutes. These are played automatically by the drum. Kenneth unfolds the mystery of that drum...

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